About Me

Hey book lovers! My name is Crystal and this is my little space on the internet that I have dedicated to my love of books. For me, reading is a time I can forget the world around me, put a bad day out of my mind and loose myself in whatever I'm reading. Being able to share that joy of reading with others through this blog makes me so happy!

A few things about me:

  • I'm married and live close to Las Vegas
  • We have one dog child named Piper
  • My husband built me custom bookshelves in our new home
  • I'm originally from Southern California
  • I'm a huge Disney fan
  • I love both chocolate and coffee
  • I'm working on becoming a special education teacher
  • Ravenclaw
I try to read a little bit of everything. I read a lot of adult fiction with a little bit of YA sprinkled in here and there. I like to read fantasy, mystery, thrillers, suspense and short story collections. A few middle grades and of course, graphic novels! I also love to listen to audio books which usually consists of mysteries and non-fiction. 

What you'll find on this blog:
  • Book reviews
  • Discussions
  • Beautiful book covers
  • Blog tours
  • Buddy reads
  • Giveaways
Thanks for stopping by my blog and reading this super boring "About Me" page! We all know that books are much more interesting and I hope you'll stay for all the bookish goodness! 

I thought I would just leave this picture here since you're all probably wondering what these custom bookshelves look like!

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